Meeting Report: March 5, 2006

Best Meeting Ever!

Boston Media Makers Meeting Report 3/5/06.
Mingling took place both in the main part of Sweet Finnish and the meeting room.

Introductions and Show and Tell
Boston Media Makers
We started of the meeting by going around the table to have everyone introduce themselves and talk about what they were working on.

Ravi started us off my talking about his DriveTime project. After about 10 minutes, we decided it was time to move on the next person. Not that Ravi wasn’t entertaining and informative, he is, but we needed to move along.

Holland introduced himself and after the meeting he added to the discussion we had on narcissism with a new post over on the Boston Media Makers Forum, Mythography: Echo and Narcissus in Greek Mythology

Amy talked about the S.S.D.S., and Carl and his wife talked about their plans for the future. Carl is going to vloggercon.

DC Dennison introduced himself and the Pulse Point project he manages for the Boston Globe.

We continued with David Tames, who had a Show and Tell about getting better sound.
Boston Media Makers

VIDEO: David Tames Video Tip: Sound.

After David, Mike showed some videos from his and Serra’s Headsoff vlog. Very interesting.

Then Serra presented her Emerson College project, Video String. Lots of people were interested, especially Ravi who is now going to present Serra’s project to his Northeastern class.

Nathan showed us his website which Steve anointed a vlog, Hooray For Funn. 😉 It now has a reverse chronological listing of video posts, where each post has a permalink. Congratulations Nathan.

Annaliese told us where she was working.

Randy talked about his projects with Lowell TV and Outlet, and John, for the day, talked about promoting local bands.

Four Eyed Monsters!
Arin Crumley and Susan Buice

Arin Crumley and Susan Buice were the main feature of the day and gave an entertaining presentation about their film project, Four Eyed Monsters, and how they use the video podcast and MySpace as more than just a promotional tool. They talked about how they used to send miniDV tapes back and forth to each other with messages. This was before online vlogging became popular. Those tapes were woven into the film, Four Eyed Monsters.

David Tames and Randy shot video of their presentation. When it goes online, I’ll point to it.

I shot a little too and it’ll be up soon.

Check out the Boston Media Makers Forum too!


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2 Responses to Meeting Report: March 5, 2006

  1. This meeting was fabulous 🙂 Excellent discussion and great guests. A lovely way to spend a Sunday…

  2. Ravi Jain says:

    Yes — me and my beard enjoyed it!

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