Next Meeting: Sunday April 2nd

This is a reminder for the next BIG Boston Media Makers meeting on Sunday April 2nd from 10 AM – 12 Noon at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain.

This meeting is for people who are interested in videoblogging. We’ve got a great local group of videobloggers who enjoy getting together to share what they are doing. Join us!

I’m a big fan of the un-conference, where there isn’t a speaker and attendees, but a room of participants.

We saw how well that worked at the last BIG meeting where for the first hour we moved along pretty quickly and also got a good sense of what everyone was working on.

I also like how David Tames took up the SHOW and TELL challenge and showed us a tip about making better sound on our videos.

So I’d like to run the meeting that way this Sunday.

We’ll go around the room to see what people are doing, look at some new videos, and if you’ve got a Show and Tell prepared, that would be great.

It’ll be fun!

See you on Sunday.


We’ve got a special guest who will be visiting is from New York City, Jonny Goldstein. Jonny is doing some exciting work teaching vlogging to kids in school and I’m sure he’ll want to tell us about it. David Tames is prparing another show and tell, possibly with that new Panasonic HD camera, Holland Wilde is looking at issues with site redesign and might want to discuss this with us too. Ravi will be entertaining with whatever he says, and Amy hopes to be able to join us if work doesn’t interfere.

See you Sunday!

Update from Andy Carvin:
Set your clocks ahead Saturday night so you’re not an hour late. 🙂


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4 Responses to Next Meeting: Sunday April 2nd

  1. Jeff says:

    I am stupid and didn’t mark my calender. Hence I scheduled myself to work this Sunday and will not be able to travel to the glorious meeting this Sunday……

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