Meeting Report: Sunday May 7th

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The May meeting of the Boston Media Makers was held on Sunday May 7th at 10 AM at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain.

We had a bunch of new people join us and we discussed the idea of combining the talents of the group to create some media. I started to write about it on my blog as a Boston flickr photo walk.

I started off the meeting with a review of upcoming events people might be interested in.

Next up I showed my new site New England Stories and asked people to send me submissions. Then we took a look at the FOX25 news report on podcastign that featured Boston Media Makers guests Four Eyed Monsters.

Holland Wilde

We then went around the room quickly so everyone could introduced themselves. Then we did a second round where each person said hi again, talked about something of interest to them, what they were workign on, asked a question, or did a show and tell.

Boston Media Makers
Ken started off by showing some videos he had posted to YouTube.

Ben Sheldon talked about Digital Bicycle and POSM.TV.

Dean Jansen was with us from and he told us about his telemusicvideo channel.

Ted Dillard from Tech Superpowers told us about his background in photography and about how he made the first digital Holga. HolgaHolgaHolga!

DC Dennison of the Globe gave an update on the Globe’s plans for the Pulse Points and told us that the Newbury Street location was where they’ll be trying new stuff.

Boston Media Makers
Brittany has two projects that she’s working on, and a Boston version of

Carl Weaver talked about his Worcester Diaries.

Chris Brogan talked about his plans for a video channel/aggregator. Check out his amazing visual meeting notes. was mentioned.

David Tames Show and Tell
David Tames gave us his impressions of his trip to NAB and was most impressed with an LED light from ZyLight. He’s also started a new vlog with his wife called Daytrippers.

We watched his first video.

David also told us why the ElectroVoice RE50 is the best mic for doing interviews.

Theresa told us about her experiences trying to get some information from Apple store employees about vlogging, and as a new visitor to the group said that she got exactly the information she wanted from David’s explanation of what mic to use for recording! Yay!

Bonnie ended up the round table by introducing herself and was happy to be there to listen and learn.

Ravi was there too but had to step put early. Thanks to Ravi we convened out front and mingle for 1/2 hour before adjourning to the meeting room.

It was a great meeting.

Next month we won’t be meeting at Sweet Finnish on the first Sunday. It’s the weekend of BarCamp Boston.

Next Small Meeting
Join some of us for coffee on Sunday May 14th at 10AM for an informal gathering with out of town guests Jay Dedman, Sean Gilligan and possibly Kent Bye who are all in town for Beyond Broadcast at Harvard.

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  1. I guess I’ll show up and be the noob for this installment. Thanks for passing the information along, Steve.

  2. Dean Jansen says:

    Just for the record, I’m not officially affiliated with Participatory Culture (of I have helped them before and I do run, which is a default channel on Democracy!

  3. Azzurra says:

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

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