Meeting Report: Sunday November 5th

Boston Media Makers get together at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain for a BIG meeting on the first Sunday of each month from 10 AM – Noon.

John Herman, host of The Eye, [ ] will be running this month’s meeting with help and asides from Ravi Jain, of DriveTime [ ].

Boston Media Makers is a group of local video producers, video bloggers, podcasters, artists, and creative people who want to get together and share what they are doing over coffee on a Sunday morning.





SUNDAY November 5th 10:00 AM
Sweet Finnish 761 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, MA

10:00 – 10:30 All important Ravi Jain inspired mingling. Meet other participants over coffee in the front room.

10:30 – 11:15 Roundtable in the conference room. Everyone gets the oppotunity to talk about what they are interested in. Questions are welcome and discussions happen as we go around the table. This is a good time for you to present a 5 minute show and tell on some new equipment or technique.

11:15 – 11:30 Break

11:30 – 11:50 Featured speaker – Ravi Jain – [ ]
Ravi Jain will talk on Sunday about the New Media Cake show at the Axiom Gallery that opened on Friday:

Ravi is creating a wikake (wiki-cake) with a Wikake video blog component (Wikaklog). Over the course of the show, over the next few weeks, viewers/visitors will be able to submit their ideas and opinions on each stage of building a cake: cake flavor, frosting/filling, shape, decoration. So that at the end of the show — a true open source collaborative cake will have been created!

12:00 Make Media
Ravi will bring samples from Round One of the wiki-cake, in addition to showing the Wikaklog, and shoot some video of reactions/votes to post (People who taste the actual samples in each round have weighted votes in determining the final outcome).


Video: Improv Movie October 1st

Love / Hate

Here are some moments from the Boston Media Makers meeting on 10/1/06 where we made an improv movie. Lead by John Herman of Neutrino Boston, we shared what we love and hate.

Video: Meeting Report October 1st

Meeting moments
Here are a couple of moments from the last Boston Media Makers meeting.

I hope to get some footage of the movie we made.

Meeting Report: October 1st – Movie Making

Thanks to everyone who came out for October’s meeting. It really was a wonderful experience. We’ve gotten to a point where the format of these meetings is really working well.


After the Ravi Jain inspired mingled from 10: – 10:30, we moved into the conference room for a roundtable of introductions. Lots of new people here this week and we got to know each other better.

Hooray For Funn
As people talked about who they were and what they were doing, others jumped in to comment or ask questions. This is one of my favorite parts of the meeting. Each one of the participants could have gone on for 30 minutes… There is so much knowledge in the room, it’s exciting.

John Herman presents Neutrino Boston

At 11:30 John Herman began by telling us about himself and his new project, Boston Neutrino. It’s sounds like a lot of fun. Three groups of improv actors go out with three film crews and shoot video, and runners run the tapes back to the theatre to play real time, one after another without editing. They make a whole movie in real time. The final scenes is a combination of all three groups. After the tapes are shown, each group sends in three improvised videos, the film is over, never to be seen again.

It’s art. 😉

There’s a lot that goes into this and we heard all about the technical details and the practice that is required.

We ended the meeting and those that wanted to stay, participated in making a short movie with John. Everyone took turns tellign the camera what they most loved and hated. It was fun and I used my Nokia N93 to capture each person one after another with the cool pause and continue feature of the camera.

The camera goes bleep-bloop and then a red light goes on. Then it’s recording. As the last person finshed their contribution, the camera re-booted and the movie was lost.


Since I was going to post the movie to the web, but in Neutrino fashion, the movie only existed for that pne performance and now lives on in our minds.

I’ve got an email in to Nokia to find out why that happened…

As we wrapped I got a lot of great feedback on the meeting. I had a blast hearing abot what everyone is doing.

I really liked the balance this week of mingling, round table, presentation and media making.

Let me know your ideas for next month. I’d like to continue to have a media making activity to end the meeting!

I made up a wiki where we can collaborate and work together to share future meetings:

Check it out… Anyone can edit the page, just use the password ‘video’ to edit.

Boston Media Makers at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain

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