Meeting Report: Sunday January 7th

Knights of the Regtangular Table

Our first meeting of 2007 attracted a full house! On a really beautiful day in Boston where temperatures were more Spring-like, a group of media makers gathered to hang out. We had a good number of new people who had very interesting things to add to the discussion. When you’ve got a room full of interesting people who want to both hear what others are working on and share what they are doing, it makes for a very enjoyable Sunday morning.

The Edirol RecorderMicrotrackVoice Memos
There was a lot of recording equipment at this meeting. Christopher Penn has a one hour podcast of the Boston Media Makers meeting if you want to listen on your computer or load up on your iPod!

Everyone had 3 minutes to talk and then we had 1 minutes for discussion after. It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it kept things moving along.

Take a look at everyone’s photos over on Flickr with the tag ‘bostonmediamakers‘, if you took photos please upload them up to Flickr and tag them ‘bostonmediamakers‘.

We now have a Boston Media Makers Flickr photo group too.

Pre Meeting Mingling

From 10:00 – 10:30 people got to know each other as we filled the front room of Sweet Finnish.

The roundtable went from around 10:40 – 12:00 with everyone having a chance to tell us who they were and talk about what they are involved in.

Here are some of the notes I took:

Dueling Cameras

David Tames showed the iTalk iPod microphone and a ATR97 Audi Technica Boundary Microphone.

Christopher Penn showed his Pro24 Audio Technica microphone and talked about making friends on MySpace.

Johh Herman of The Eye told us about his new project The Man Who Was Thursday

Boston Media Maker Meetup

Dave Lamorte talked about his podcast and at that moment Bre found out that Dave had interviewed him!

Nathaniel and David told us about a local video meetup on alternating Tuesday Nights 7PM Harvard Square and also mentioned the Coolidge’s Open Screen

Rhea, The Boomer Chronicles, she told us that to join blogads you need 3,000 hits / week

Ravi et al.

Jamie teaches nursery school and is doing a film about the kids including a 4 year old who is really good at math.

John Coyne works a BC in media technology.
He is exploring the blogging and vlogging landscape and thinks mediocrefilms is funny.

John Briggs worked with John on the man who was thursday

Ravi Jain was back from Florida and wants to wear sweatpants as much as he can this year.
The iart opening is Firday where his car will be in the gallery

DC Dennison represented the Boston Globe

Boston Media Maker Meetup

Phillipe Lejune told us about his experience in eduction and talked about his experiments with video.

Boston Media Maker Meetup

Bre Pettis visited us from Seatlle and talked about his work on Make Magazine.

Damian, founder of youaretv, talked about what they are doing and gave us a preview of their new video player.

Boston Media Maker Meetup

Ben showed us his new tripod, the gorilla pod which you can get on amazon or REI

Jason Daniels, medfield comminuty access told us about the 100 sec film festival

Josh was tagging along


Randy Mann talked about and how he liked the Flash interface it uses to show full screen video.

Media Making at Sweet Finnish

At the last meeting we talked about making some ‘movies’… 😉

This time we made a video after the meeting. It was kinda like an episode of The Apprentice where the group had to decide what to film and who was going to do what task. With a great group like we had it all went smoothly. We won and no one got fired.

Sweet Finnish
1. A few of us filmed a video for Sweet Finnish that they can put on their web site.

Click Here to Watch the Sweet Finnish Video

Axiom Gallery Installation (postponed)
2. Ravi needed his car for work next week so we couldn’t install in in the gallery. the show opens on Friday night at Axiom gallery at Green Street Station…

Bre Pettis of MAKE Magazine.

Check out this Boston Globe coverage about the new Axiom Gallery in Jamaica Plain, and two of our members:

Look at “iArt,” opening Jan. 12, showcasing video art made for handheld devices. Artist Ravi Jain’s car, where he has recorded his own video blog while commuting, will be driven into the space. Viewers can sit in the car, view Jain’s vlog, and record their own. John Herman‘s “The Man Who Was Thursday” is a project featuring a band made up of 25 people all over the world who responded to Herman’s cryptic posts on Craigslist and then took part in his offbeat challenges to compose music together — such as setting a drumbeat to the musician’s heart rate . The group will perform via an Internet feed at the opening.

Boston Media Makers
Next Meeting: February 4th, 10:00 AM
Sweet Finnish, 761 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

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