Meeting Notes: Sunday March 4th

Boston Media Makers Meeting

Here’s the Boston Media Makers Wiki

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David Tamés has some great meeting notes and photos on his blog.

David also posted a short little video of the Production Values discussion that he edited while on the train to New York and uploaded it to while visiting (something poetic about that) here’s the URL:


Beth has posted a video she shot during the meeting to her blog, My Learnings from the Boston Media Makers Meeting.
This is very well done and quickly edited and posted.

That has a lot of value.

A lot of times, people shoot video and it never gets posted or shared. It ends up on a shelf.

So being able to post something right away makes it very valuable

Joe C shares his truthy video on his blog.

Here’s a recording (01:50:17) of the first half of the meeting from Steve Albanese.

Here’s are my unedited Meeting notes. I’ll come back and clean them up later on.

I started off talking about shooting video in Whole Foods, using a supermarket carriage as a dolly, for Spices of Life, a new videoblog by Nina Simonds about food, health, and lifestyle.

Boston Media Makers Mingling

Steve Albanese talked about Tutorial Depot. He uses Camtasia Studio to produce screencasts.

David Tames ZigZag, Camera Company Photo Show, Fri/Sat.

Dave LaMorte, Teaching for the Future podcast.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan,, contest.

justin white

tim white realtor

fred light real estate web designer

Suzi Walsh. Center for Independent Documentary.

Alliance for Independent Motion Media,

Beth Kanter,, raised 100,000 for thesharingfoundation

Mike Walsh, BarCamp Boston,

Bryan Person starting JobCamp.

Phillipe Lejeune

Best Practices in Fair Use

Adam Weiss

Used the Google apps to set up a family website using your own domain.

David Dahl Boston Globe

Emily Sweeny, reporter for Boston Globe… Flipside…

Elisa Mintz… freelance videographer…

Sources for talent…craigslist.. gigs

centralbooking, tim van patten audio and video professionals…

Matt Searls

evan pew, works with matt talks about hte culture asnd business of creativity.

Mark third person in asymetricbizcult

Nate Laver hoorayforfunn

Serra Shifflet – headsoff

Ashley Hodson

Boston Media Makers Meeting

Joe Casio

Regina OBrien BostonNOW

Free daily newspaper in boston

randy mann

Rick Berlin
rick berlin
Jamaica Plain Spoken

June 1st filmmakers collaborative


Production Values Discussion, Do They Matter?
David Tames, Filmmaker & Media Technologist

An open ended discussion. All techniques (whether intentional or not) are part of our vocabulary as visual storytellers and communicators. When is it best to “shot and get whatever” and when might we want to worry about “production values” like “good” lighting, sound, framing, etc. ? There are aesthetic and moral issues at stake in this issue. When should we mimic professional media and when should we “do our own thing?

appropriate vs inappropriate

intimate vs not intimate

low quality vs high quality

breathless jumpcuts

What’s important

Desire to do it

1. Interesting, compelling, saying something you are interested in
2. Good sound
3. composition and camera work
– rule of thirds
– golden triangle
– golden measure
– put both actors eyes at hte same level, teh cuts are seamless
– american beauty, watch the pass theaspar agus scene
— think about how many cuts while watching
— then go back and actually count the cuts
– shoot for the edit
4. Editing

technical resolution is not what matters emotional resolution is what matters.

half of what you need doesn’t cost money

applied media esthetics
telling the visual story

not editing subliminally makes you feel like you were there and can se the truthiness of things


A New Look At Content:
Capturing and sharing fleeting moments, a video production studio in your pocket, broadcasting from the street.
Steve Garfield

Let’s talk about how new portable media making devices can put broadcasting power in the hands of everyone. Cellphones that include high quality video capture, editing and distribution will enable lots of people to share their stories.

Next Meeting:

Sunday April 1st at 10:00 AM
Sweet Finnish, 761 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

See you there!

Everyone is welcome.