Meeting Report: August 5th

Boston Media Makers LIVE

Once again we had another great meeting of Boston Area media makers.

Boston Media Makers

We streamed the meeting LIVE on This time we had great video using a Canon GL/2 and clear audio using a wireless handhled microphone. Watch the archived video of today’s Boston Media Maker’s Meeting.

Halley and Steve

To conclude the meeting Steve showed how works. Here’s a test channel for Vlog Soup. This channel shows the an episode and then the video that is featured in the episode.

Steve also shared how TubeMogul can be used to upload multiple videos at a time and then track viewership. Here’s Steve’s blog post about TubeMogul.

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Writer, Photographer, Traveler. Founder: Boston Media Makers / Videoblogging Pioneer / Humorist / Investor: @LordHoboBrewing @Breather @Red5Pro @inside

2 Responses to Meeting Report: August 5th

  1. Joe Cascio says:

    Hope to be at the next one! And by the way all Boston Media Makers are invited to a blogger/vlogger/Tweeter BBQ at my house Aug. 11. See Upcoming for the info:

  2. Halley Suitt says:

    What a cool group! I finally got to my first meeting of Boston Media
    Makers and one thing hit me right off … this videoblogging and new
    media wave is hitting so hard and so fast, you really need to connect
    with a group like this so you can keep up-to-date. So much changes in
    even a month, Steve’s group meeting is a must. Even a discussion of
    the NFL’s new and totally silly “no-clips-bigger-than-75-seconds” rule
    was full of ideas, attitude and ways to work around such luddite
    thinking, it was invaluable. Wanna watch a really speedy football
    game anyone?

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