Meeting Report: Sunday October 7th

Boston Media Makers October 2007
We had a great meeting this month with a lot of new people. After 1/2 hour of mingling in the front room, we set a 3 minute timer and went around the table and heard about what everyone is doing. There was time for questions and discussion and we ended just at 12:00 so a kids birthday party could take over the room.

John Coyne talked about

Len Edgerly told us about his audiopodchronicles

Pro audio in watertown was suggested as a good source for a microphone, the at55s. was mentioned as a good source for training.

Check out the video Darkbuster- I HATE THE UNSEEN LIVE on YouTube and a response video that shows the difference you can get when you shoot video differently.

Boston Media Makers October 2007

John Herman talked about The Energy Smackdown, and

John’s friend Dan Freund talked about

Boston Media Makers October 2007

Some of the new people who came this week were Paul Foley, a photographer

Ted Cartellas filmmaker who works with and recorded a video for chriselliott.orgcalled ‘cheat on you.’

Rebecca Herman, just relocated her from Buenos Aires to produce a local documentary film.

Margo, a photographer and filmmaker working on a documentary project with the jpndc.

Mark Smith, and marksmith on twitter, was in town for business and heard about the meeting on twitter and took a cab over. Yay!

Boston Media Makers October 2007

Rick Bburns has a new local news site launching called 9neighbors