Meeting Report: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th

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Boston Media Makers at Sweet Finnish

Steve Garfield started off the meeting and explained how it’s a live twitter around the table. Everyone takes turns talking about what they are doing. They can ask a questions or do a show and tell too.

We give everyone 3 minutes and that makes things move quickly around the table. Time is loosely regulated so more time is given to people who need more than 3 minutes.

Steve then talked about how it’s video/day month at NaVloPoMo – Make a Video a Day this month.

Shane, The Sietch Blog.
A community of friends changing the world for the better.

WP Cache plug in helps performance on WordPress sites.

Shane told us about his participation in Boston’s halloween bike ride 2007.

Simeon Margolis explains Utterz.

Here’s an Utter from the meeting.

John is developing a site called Hub Unity.

Thea Breite, Boston Globe

Thea Breite, Boston Globe. tbreite at globe dot com
Looking for video support editors at Boston Globe.

David Tamés talks about backup to hard drive

David Tamés backs up to two drives for all his video. He buys raw 500 GBdrives at $129 each via serial ATA interface and a bunch of cables. David explains it all here: Using SATA drives in the raw with your MacBook Pro for details. SMARTReporter reports status of drives.

Len Edgerly on keyboards

Len Edgerly
The Arts 2.0 Presentation

Lisa, Education @ LKR

Lisa Kate Radden
Education @ LKR
Please post ideas of how my students can blog, vlog, podcast, whatever from Germany and Paris in April!

Craig Dwyer

Craig Dwyer Monthly flat-rate WiF- Plans.

Dan talks about and condomafia.

Craig mentions Do the Green Thing.
Green Thing is a community that’s here to help as many people as possible in as many countries as possible to do the Green Thing. A community of Green Things across the world will not only make a sizeable CO2 saving, it will encourage governments and businesses to do the Green Thing too.

Boston Media Makers at Sweet Finnish

John Coyne, Nuovomedia.
Nuovomedia’s mission is to produce digital-media with positive social messages, and to develop applications that advance how communities access and experience information and brands.

Went to Off Festival and saw Shiftspace where if you download an application to your computer to can mark up and share web page graffiti.

Philippe Lejeune,

Sounding the Subject, video trajectories

Sounding the Subject: Selections from the Pamela and Richard Kramlich Collection and the New Art Trust

John Herman, working on Gravityland web video servies involving community and alternative reality gaming.

Let’s Change the Game.

Craig Dwyer, media and entertainment. Uses vod:pod to highlight interesting videos nad have then post to his blog. Watch Student 2.0.

Boston Media Makers at Sweet Finnish

Stephen Warley, BostonKnows.

Rick Burnes

Rick Burnes, 9 Neighbors

Paul Foley, Photographer.

Raico Beach

Tom Beach got a Firestore driver to turn his camera into a tapeless camera.

Sweet Finnish
761 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

Register at Upcoming:

Mingling 10:00 – 10:30
Roundtable Discussion 10:30 – 12:00

Review – Podcamp Boston 2 and Video on the Net.

LIVE Twitter: We go around the table and talk about what we are do, ask questions, present a show and tell. All within a 3 minute time limit. It’s fun.

Next Meeting: Sunday December 2nd.