Meeting Report: Sunday April 6th

Sunday April 6, 2008
Boston Media Makers 04/06/2008
Photo: Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA

Jeff Cutler at Bowl of Cheese writes about the meeting in his post ‘Making Media’:

OK, you might argue that I have a problem if I’m at a bar in Jamaica Plain at 10AM on a Sunday. Well, part of the process…in fact the first step…is admitting you have a problem. I’m not a quitter, so I’m not going to admit anything.

Read David Tamés’ extensive meeting notes. He says in part:

Some people who I tell about the monthly Boston Media Maker un-meetings can’t imagine getting up early on a Sunday morning and trekking across town. For me, Sunday mornings are usually reserved for slowly sipping coffee while reading the Sunday New York Times, so I can relate, however, take a look at the depth and breath of attendees and topics this month. Every month an amazing group of people ask interesting questions or talk about their new media activity in the Boston area. If you’re into new media, want to get into new media, or want to help others get into new media, Boston Media Makers is the place to be the first Sunday of every month to go around the room and ask a question, do a show and tell, share a story, or just give a quick update of what you’ve been up to.

Steve Garfield’s Meeting Videos:
Video Tour of Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain Mass.
Video roll call of everyone who came.
Video of David Tamés showing his new microphone.
Video of post meeting mingling ( 20 sec ).
Video: after the meeting, playing with LED light, walking around.

Photo by tiil. © All rights reserved

Adam Green created this list of attendees twitter names and websites.

Adam Green also created these feeds from the above lists:
Just the Twitter feeds
Blog, Flickr, YouTube and Qik feeds

Photo by tiil. © All rights reserved

If you took photos please tag them BMM040608. Leave a comment with links to any blog posts, audio, video, photos from the meeting.

Thanks to Doyle’s Cafe for hosting our meeting!

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