Meeting Report: Sunday July 6th

Boston Media Makers met at Doyle’s Cafe with a great group of Boston area media makers. Despite the long weekend, we had a big crowd…

Here are all the introductions, recorded and streamed live via Qik, then archived on and cross-posted to YouTube:

This week after going around the table, we had a general discussion about a number of topics including how social media can help you get a job, keeping track of information, and creativity in media making…

The machines are digesting information

If you were at the meeting and want to share your thoughts or media, leave a comment and/or point to your thoughts and/or media. The tag for the meeting is BMM070608.

See you at our next meeting on August 3rd.

It’s always on the first Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Register at Upcoming for the August 3rd meeting:


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5 Responses to Meeting Report: Sunday July 6th

  1. Rob Levy says:

    Hi, I had fun at the brunch. Just wanted to add some friendly advice here that you should probably ask beforehand if anyone doesn’t want to be filmed so that you can skip them in going around.

  2. Before I turned on the camera to record the live stream I announced that I was going to go around the table and film everyone so they could say their name and website… If you didn’t want to do it you could have gotten up from the table.

    At Boston Media Makers meetings there’s no expectation of privacy.

    It’s all about media making: photo, audio and video.

    Anyone who doesn’t want to be recorded needs to let us know.

  3. Had so much fun, as usual. Look forward to the new Twitter friends and business connections. 🙂

  4. David Tames says:

    I was out of town for the weekend so had to miss what looks like another wonderful meeting. Any suggestions for Media Tech Tonic #3? Let me know, nothing has been confirmed except the space 🙂

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