Meeting Report: February 1, 2009

Boston Media Makers

NEXT MEETING MARCH 1, 2009 * 10 AM *

Boston Media Makers meet at:

Doyle’s Cafe, 3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, 02130

We start off with a roll call streamed live on Qik, here’s the archive:

Local artist Donna Dodson met CC Chapman at last month’s meeting and he comissioned her to make an art piece for him. Here’s the unveiling:

Here are some photos and links from the meeting. I had to leave early.

Michael Keating from Beth Israel talked about how video is getting popular at the Medical Center.

Twitter ID’s of some people in attendance: @globalcitizen, @thebetsy, @recklessstudio, @GuidoS, @digiphile,@RealEstateCafe, @cc_chapman, @ariherzog, @OnSiteStudios, @Alexa, @AdamWeiss, @MaThurrell, @rlma from @wbur, and me @SteveGarfield.

Possible solutions for transcribing video:

– Mechanical Turk
– Adobe Soundbooth
– Portal Video
– Everyzing

We heard about the Neiman Narrative Conference March 20-22:

The Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism, now in its 8th year, is the premier annual gathering for narrative journalists eager to enhance their powers of observation and inquiry, sharpen reporting and analytic skills, and write with literary flair.

I presented the cameras that I got from Panasonic out at CES and talked about how the new HD cameras that record to SD cards only have USB interfaces, while the HD cameras that record to tape have Firewire. This means that the newer USB cameras can’t be used for live streaming.

Then I talked about being at WBZ studios when Gil Santos was retiring and live streamed that and showed it to the people at WBZ. I’m talking to them about making it easier for people formally known as the audience to become contributors to WBZ. I also talked about how David Wade watched me live stream an interview with Carl Stevens.

Check out Granite Copper Motor at Vimeo:

Boing Boing got the film a lot of hits. We wanted to see how many hits Boston Media Makers could generate.

Jim Rizzoli of Total Access Productions talked about how he is a local distributor for NewTek TriCaster. He showed us still images of how he shoots his show with a green screen.

Boston Media Makers 020109

We heard about the ComFlm Registry from J. Aldrich and about new proposed laws to open up Massachusetts State Government.

Boston Media Makers 020109

Check twitter for tags BMM and BMM020109 for tweets about the meeting.

Boston Media Makers 020109

Boston Media Makers 020109

I caught that these things were talked about:

Boston Digital Media Network
@TheBetsy’s website is Inquisix
Free workshop on personal data security at MIT hosted by Boston Macintosh User Group
@CNN used Skype to interview @CCChapman after streaming live from #inauguration. Check out the new podcast.
Check out the Pulse from – pen that records what you write and what you HEAR
Thomas is @RecklessStudio (singular). He’s working on a TV show & will be presenting ‘Love in 140 Characters’ at Ignite Boston – aggregator of online video about magazines.
Geekgirl camp, where non-technical folks can learn about technology. Digital & social media education.
@nazgul talked about getting his dad blogging & his daughter, @dulceamargo, a young artist looking for summer AV editing work.
Several talented still photographers transitioning into online video, learning new tools & techs. Example:
Free podcasting class on 2/11 in #Boston @ Apple Store in Back Bay w/@AdamWeiss –> learn how to use Garageband & Soundtrack Pro.
@Alexa talked abt her work @Mzinga, advocacy for women in IT & her desire to connect millennials & senior citizens for mutual learning

Boston Media Makers - February 1, 2009

Boston Media Makers - February 1, 2009

Also check flickr.

See you at our next meeting on March 1, 2009.

It’s always on the first Sunday at 10:00 AM.

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