Meeting Report: Sunday April 12th (2nd Sunday This Month Only)

NEXT MEETING May 3rd, 2009 * 10 AM *

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Roll Call:

Boston Media Makers meet at:

Doyle’s Cafe
3484 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, 02130

Boston Media Makers 041209


Here’s a video clip of my show and tell presentation:

Steve Garfield showing Sony Webbie HD and TG1, and talking about iMovie 09

Note: On the second try the TG1 video was captured by iMovie. Also, one clip that had an error was captured after I changed the capture disk from external to the internal MacBook drive.

David Tamés Highlights LED Lights from Zylight

If you are interested in the web, social media, advertising, PR, audio, video, photography… come by.

Boston Media Makers 041209

Boston Media Makers 041209

Boston Media Makers 041209

See you at our next meeting on May 3, 2009.

It’s usually on the first Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Boston Media Makers 041209

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12 Responses to Meeting Report: Sunday April 12th (2nd Sunday This Month Only)

  1. Voli Dublino says:

    Vеll, not perfect роst, but I liked it аnd that is thе mаin thing. 😉
    I am Voli Dublino

  2. Chris Cavs says:

    You do know April 12 is Easter Sunday, right? I want to go to the meeting, but might not be able to make it.

  3. Yes. Easter Sunday!

  4. Robin Maxfield says:

    I was soooo inspired by the last meeting that I put together a pilot of my internet TV show. It’s amateur I know as i had to do all the video and editing myself but it’s a start. i would be so grateful for some input…but I KNOW the intro needs shortening. I have had positive response to the content, enough to give me confidence for episode 2. Can’t wait until the next meeting….Robin

  5. Robin Maxfield says:

    here’s the video link as it didn’t see it in my comments…yikes i’m showing how much I don’t know right now…..

  6. Can’t come to the meeting, it’s Easter Sunday. What a bummer. Next time can make sure it’s not on a major (family) holiday? I was really looking forward to coming. You give good meeting. Cheers.

  7. The group voted to have it on Easter Sunday this month because Doyle’s was unavailable on the first Sunday.

    Next month it’s back to our regular schedule, 1st Sunday, May 3rd.

  8. Rachel Levy says:

    Great event Steve! Per your suggestion, I’m posting my info here…., @bostonmarketer and @BostonTweetUp


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  10. limeduck says:

    Thanks Steve for organizing! URLs I’m shilling this week: Firstgiving, a social platform for fundraising: and The Photographic Resource Center, a home for emerging and contemporary photographers and people who love photographic arts:

  11. David Tames says:

    Here’s my follow up from today’s meeting: I’m teaching the following courses this summer through MassArt Professional and Continuing Education:

    SFDN101 Documentary Video Boot Camp (Monday through Friday, June 8-12, 9a-5p, 1.5 credits). An immersive hands-on learning experience for those who want to learn the fundamentals of video documentary in an intimate and focused setting.

    MPFV217 Documentary Projects Studio (meets Tuesdays, June 16 through Aug 4, 6-9:30p, 1.5 credits). A studio course for students who want to produce their own complete short documentary, prerequisite: Documentary Video Boot Camp or equivalent experience.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on these classes:

  12. Thank you all. Had a great time. I’ll definitely be back. @sammalama

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