Meeting Report: Sunday December 6th, 2009

Next Meeting: Sunday January 3, 2010 10:00 AM

Roll Call:

Tweets from the meeting.

Show and Tell:
Adam Weiss demonstrates a Sennheiser MKE400 shotgun mic on Canon 7D

Adam Weiss Mic Test Videos:

Meeting Report:

Mike Ball writes an informative and amusing post about this month’s meeting, Mixed Media Bag:

Once a month, I head to a bar not to drink. Boston Media Makers has its rectangular motley monthly at Doyle’s in Boston Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

As an aside, when we moved to JP over 20 years ago, we heard the same answer to where do you like to eat and where do you like to drink — Doyle’s. Hyperactive video-blogging king Steve Garfield started this video/film/blog/podcast thingummy, now in its second location after Sweet Finnish coffee shop died.

Maybe I shouldn’t mention BMM. It’s usually jammed. Yet, in a given month, typically a third of the folk at the huge set of tables are first timers.

Thanks Mike!

Selected Photos:

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09

Boston Media Makers 12/06/09


Alex Howard, now relocated to Washington, DC, writes about Boston Media Makers and Doyle’s, Ode to Boston: Of Friends, Fried Clams and Fans:

6. Boston Media Makers. I’ve been going to DC Media Makers but this group of bloggers, videographers, artists, writers, hackers, technologists and characters taught me something new whenever I attended. Thank you, Steve Garfield.

7. For that matter, I miss Doyle’s, where Media Makers meets. Doyle’s is a Boston institution for politicians and JP residents alike, and serves a damn good pint of stout.

Thanks Alex.

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Boston Media Makers March 1, 2009

If you are interested in the web, social media, advertising, PR, audio, video, photography, acting… come by.

Men, Women, and Children are Welcome!

Do you have conference give aways, software, accessories, computers, books…


We’ll give it away by random business card drawings during the meeting.

@cspenn might call it an “interactive community brainshare” 😉

Boston Media Makers meet at:

Doyle’s Cafe
3484 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, 02130

Doyles by Jay Groccia
Photo: © 2008 Granite Communications, Inc. Photographed by Gerald Jay Groccia

Doyle’s serves Sunday Brunch! ( Bring cash )

Click here to see a 360 degree view of January’s Boston Media Makers meeting by Jay Groccia.

Watch in High Quality on YouTube.

Hosted by Steve Garfield.

10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00
LIVE Twitter: We go around the table and talk about what we are doing, ask questions, present a show and tell. All within a 3 minute time limit. It’s fun.

Bring something to share with the group. Something you’ve learned, something new you’ve found, or some good news.

Please: No Sales Pitches.

It’s usually on the first Sunday at 10:00 AM.

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3 Responses to Meeting Report: Sunday December 6th, 2009

  1. Bruce says:

    This has been a great media making month. My social presence has gone to a new level. Connecting with Boston Media Makers and Steve Garfield changed the way I “Get Seen”.

    At my first #BMM meeting last month November 2009 Steve Garfield introduced me to Joselin Mane an other great source of advice. As Joselin said to me “one can get all the advice in the world, it’s up to you to act on it”. He likes the way I took action!

    Both of these men are not only very knowledgeable on the topic of social media, they are two of the most friendliest and helpful people I know. I am happy to call both Steve and Joselin my friend.

    I also want to say thank you for all of your help and friendship. I look forward to a long relationship with both of you and others I’m sure to meet at #BMM.

    To see how I “Get Seen” please visit

    This is my new social media home base. From here you will be able to very easily navigate and connect with me on all my web sites including Twitter, Blip.TV, and YouTube among others.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks Bruce!

    You link was broken, so here it is:

    INteresting videos over there. And it’s cool that you are starting up a Southern New England Media Makers.

  3. spidvid says:

    An interesting bevy of video production individuals. Steve’s book is sure awesome, everybody’s gotta read it.

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