Meeting Report: Boston Media Makers – July 4th, 2010

Lane Sutton, @kidcriticusa, at Boston Media Makers July 4th, 2010

Roll Call Video:

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Chris Kulturides (A.K.A “CK”) and the host of Random Access Radio , writes a meeting wrap up – Boston Media Makers Wrap 7/4/10:

I love the fact that we get a chance to “mingle” for about 30 minutes prior to the start of personal presentations. I was thinking while I was there, that is was great to meet some new people and see some of the people that I met back in June. It is a great feeling to see the thoughts that come out such a diverse group. I also think that the creativity factor is what I love about being at the BMM each month.

We had attendees speaking about personal websites, the new iPhone, documentaries and how they will be using “open source” means to get their project done as well as a number played on a banjo in honor of the 4th of July by Tim Rowell.

Banjo Playing:

David Bolton gave us a 4th of July greeting from Limeyview:

As an unofficially appointed representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I would like to use this forum to wish my American friends a happy Independence Day.

Tweets from the meeting.

Boston Media Makers at NIGHT 7/20/10
Join us for a SPECIAL Boston Media Makers at NIGHT 7/20/10.

NEXT regular Meeting 8/1/10
You’re invited to attend the next regular Boston Media Makers meeting on August 1st too:

Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Special Guest Host: Diane Darling.

Yes. Boston Media Makers never cancels. Past Meetings: Easter, Boil Water Ban, Tornado Warnings, Snowstorms, Frogs.

Doyle’s Cafe
3484 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

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Maple Syrup Direct From Vermont at Boston Media Makers July 4th, 2010

Len Edgetly shows Kindle cases at Boston Media Makers July 4th, 2010

Woah. @stevegarfield is blowin' my mind. #bmm Boston Media Makers July 4th, 2010

Bagel at Boston Media Makers July 4th, 2010

More photos on Flickr: Boston Media Makers July 4, 2010