Meeting Report: April 1, 2012

Next regular Boston Media Makers meeting, SUNDAY, May 6.

Meeting Report for SUNDAY, April 1st

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    Roll Call
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    Boston Media Makers – Roll Call 4/1/12
  3. Oh Snap It’s Violet. Singing.
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    Oh Snap, It’s Violet! | Twelve year old Violet hosting her own web show! Just performed live at #bmm
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    Oh Snap It’s Violet – District 12 Song
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  11. Share A feature film being done 100% (shot and edited) on an iPhone. #bmm
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    #bmm is in full effect Learning about a movie exclusively shot & edited via iPhon… (w/ Steve at Doyle’s Cafe) [pic] —
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    #bmm – very cool – choose the ending to Story X – — voting ends today!
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    On Amazon: Missing Mila, Finding Family: An International Adopt… by Margaret E. Ward for $24.95… via @amazon #bmm
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    Long Haul Films – Corporate, Wedding and Event video services in Boston, MA – Weddings & Events #BMM
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    Glad I came to #bmm. I can run later.
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    Good to be at Boston Media Makers this morning. #BMM
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    Hope some of the #BMM crowd can come to the 24 Hours At The South Street Diner screenings at @iffboston. Thanks for support!
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    #BMM, now with restaurant suggestions: Life Alive – Cambridge and Lowell
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    72 percent of U.S. museum artworks reside in storage facilities #bmm
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    Virtual Photo Walks™ – Google #bmm @BruceKGarber
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    EmEvents (em_events) on Twitter #bmm Boston-based event planning agency founded at @EmersonCollege.
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    6 people working on books at #BMM. 0 planning to go trad publishing route. All 6 planning on publishing eBook. @ProjectDomino #newWorld
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    Wow. Must check out RT @stevegarfield YouTube / Create – Online video editing tools. #bmm
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    Thanks to @stevegarfield for an awesome #BMM today. Such a great event- always meet fantastic people and learn so much.

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