Meeting Report: January 6, 2013 – Happy New Year!

Next Meeting: February 3, 2013 – Ginormous Ball Game In Stadium Day!

Date: Sunday, January 6, 2012
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Host: Steve Garfield



MORE PHOTOS: Photo set by Steve Garfield on Flickr



Rough Meeting Notes thanks to Deborah Henson-Conant

Deborah Henson-Conant @HipHarpist at #bmm

Here’s me, Deborah Henson-Conant:

Video by Bruce Garber

Deborah Henson-Conant / — My next show is Sat. Jan. 26th at TCAN (The Center for ARts in Natick) – it’s called “Lose Your Blues” and it’s an (almost) all Blues show.   I sang my new song “Sous Chef” – and I’m looking for help figuring out how to make my harp LED lights a little more user-friendly and lighter.  DHC

GeekBeat TV – they have a whole video that explains everything  
Micropro LED light
Steve’s light can be about $60

Lisa Johnson has started working with a distributor

Diane Drling – teach networking skills – – /


We have physcl DV and we want to sell online  We worked with MOpix – te’re finally coming out of the weeks.  We’ll get you o line – we need an MPeg 4 file. Can you use something Wondershare.

What do you guys use for your shopping cart.

MassInnovation – Foodie Events – What’s a goodie event

Robin Maxfield – 
Comedy with Wings

Robin & Marcy’s “Comedy with Wings.”   Throw your name in the hat – 10 tellers will tell stories about Pets. I coach executives how to tell stories.  I’m putting together a 45 minutes webinar – I want to do a combination of video with me teaching and slides.

Screenflow is great for combining slides and people speaking – you can use 2 camera’s at once.  I need training on how to do a webinar.

Webinar:  what do to
Have clear audio

Tim Stansky –

What is crowd funding.

Audio Alchemist – 

Bruce Garber –  – We walk the walk that people can’t take themselves.

Life can be altered to a positive way if we stop talking.

I’m aware of it and I’m working on it <—  this is an important thing  – and most people want to help and we stop that.

Mike Sanders – Interactive multimedia and streaming media.  Now doing a lot in training and developmnt —  Doing marketing for ama

Technical streaming roje for industy – for 3d imagine as well as financial industry a with taling heads.  Nascar and Parker guitars – action oriented –

Website not up
yet – will be up within the

Microsoft store – you can rent it  not google, apple, or potical/religion – 30 people

SEU – metet up – I want to use commercial spaces that are empty.

IEC Internation Entrepreneur Center – in Newton – a pretty nice facility – it took over a mill factory.  It’s set up so you can

Ed Gaskin – I like to look at Marketing Innovation
Resource Coordinator at Boston Chidlren’s Hostpital – Neruo developmental  and passion for film and music – produced documentary – mostly focused on disability and mental health issues.  In palnning stages for blgo projets – chronological history from short music films from the begging of ilm history.   The other project I’ve thought about more recently – I have a passion for acoustic giar msic – fingerstle, blues, country, jazz mash – I want to do a mini blog project where I can incorporate some of my own uitar music.
Andy Warline – sculptor —

I can buld a Facebook group and only see the people you want
I’m part of the Boston Sclpure’s group – Boston Sculptor’s Gallery – is a colletor – we get kicked out because we take up floor space.   Ar History is changing.

There’s a lot of CONTENT but not necessarily the depth

Blogspot is run by google so they put you in line

Frist Friday of Every month – in South Washington – Free parking and everyting – hard to get there by subway
Tom and Reiko – Web development


Doyle’s Cafe
3484 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

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Can’t make the meeting? Follow us on Twitter, Hashtag #BMM. The twitter stream starts getting useful at 10:30.


Boston Media Makers At Night Meets Jeff Cutler’s #NogUp5 12/11/12

Steve Garfield's Boston Media Makers At Night Meets Jeff Cutler's NogUp

Steve Garfield’s Boston Media Makers At Night
Meets Jeff Cutler’s NogUp

RECAP POST HERE: Boston Media Makers at NIGHT #NogUp5 – 12/11/12 at Lansdowne Pub
RECAP POST HERE: Boston Media Makers at NIGHT #NogUp5 – 12/11/12 at Lansdowne Pub

Steve Garfield’s Boston Media Makers At Night
Meets Jeff Cutler’s NogUp
Holiday Party

December 11, 2012
Lansdowne Pub
6:00 PM


Low-key, casual and fun. Just come by when you can to raise a cup of cheer and wish others good luck in the year ahead.
EVERYONE is welcome. This event is about people coming to Nog it up.

Light refreshments will be provided by Lansdowne Pub at the bar rail.
Example: Potato Skins, Chicken Bites, and Grill Cheese sandwiches

A few drinks to get started for earlybirds will be provided by Blackmagicdesign.

That’s it. No charity.

Just our sincere thanks that we’ve gotten to know so many great folks in Social Media in Boston.

Hashtag: #NogUp5

Mingling: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Meet each other and chat at the bar railing

Band: 8:00 PM – NO COVER

Close to Home


Lansdowne Pub
9 Lansdowne Street
Boston, MA 02215

Hosted by:

Steve Garfield

Jeff Cutler