Meeting Report: October 6th.

Next Boston Media Makers meeting, SUNDAY, November 3rd at Doyle’s Cafe 10 AM – 12:15 PM.

Featured speaker: Nelson De Witt, Showing an 8 minute trailer of his film Finding Nelson.

At the next BMM Nelson de Witt will give a sneak peek of his upcoming documentary film Identifying Nelson/Buscando A Roberto. When he was 16 Nelson was identified as Roberto Coto, an infant who disappeared in 1982 after a deadly government raid on three guerrilla safe houses in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Join us next month to watch the first 8 minutes of the film and learn how a mysterious late night phone called changed his life.

** Government Shutdown? We never cancel. **

Meeting Report from 10/6/13:

Video Roll Call:


Len Edgerly, Robin Maxfield and Ed Gaskin at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

iPhone Filming at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

Robin Maxfield at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

Nelson De Witt at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

Ed Gaskin at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

Boston Media Makers 11/01/09

SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTATION (at Noon, after the get to know you part from 10 – 12):

Len Edgerly at Boston Media Makers 10/6/13

“The Future of eBooks” presented by Len Edgerly, creator and host of the weekly Kindle Chronicles podcast.

What’s ahead in the next generation of Kindles? Will the Nook survive? Are dedicated E Ink readers history? What’s happening with eBook prices after Apple’s defeat in the Department of Justice anti-trust lawsuit? What’s the next great thing in eBooks that hasn’t been invented yet? This will be an overview of what’s ahead in eBooks by a BMM regular who has been following the eBook Revolution with a weekly show for five years. Past guests have included Steve Garfield, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and former Massachusetts Senate President Billy Bulger.

(Not required but nice to see who else is going )


We gather around a big table and answer the questions:

– What are you doing?

– What do want to do?

– Do you need some help?

– You can ask questions too.

– Come with a prepared show and tell if you like.

This meeting started out with people who were working with audio and video on the web but over the years it has expanded to include podcasters, video bloggers, filmmakers, artists, actors, musicians, writers, programmers, news reporters, PR and social media people. We help people GET SEEN. 😉

The BEST thing about this meeting is that everyone who attends, gets to meet everyone else.

I love how it has expanded. Every month is a new experience with both returning friends and new attendees.

Steve Garfield Welcome at Boston Media Makers 03/06/11
Hosted by Steve Garfield

10 AM – 12 Noon
12 Noon Special Presentation (10 – 15 minutes)

10:00 – 10:30
Mingling is first. Everyone chats. No sitting! Free cofffee. 😉

10:30 – 12:00

Each person takes about 3 mins to explain what they are doing, are interested in, or asks a question. Also you can do a simple show and tell. Some people bring cameras, accessories, all kinds of things.

12:00 Special Presentation

We prefer no sales presentations.

Breakfast is available for ordering. Towards the end have the bill go around and people pay for what they ordered an leave a nice tip.

Doyle's Cafe

Meeting Location:
Doyles by Jay Groccia
Doyle’s Cafe
3484 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

MBTA Accessible:
Walking distance from Green Street Sta. or Forrest Hills Sta.on the Orange Line
Bus Route 42 – Forrest Hills Sta – Dudley or Ruggles Sta.via Washington St.
Lots of Free Parking in our 3 parking lots!

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Can’t make the meeting? Follow us on Twitter, Hashtag #BMM. The twitter stream starts getting useful at 10:30.