Meeting Report: Sunday July 6th

Boston Media Makers met at Doyle’s Cafe with a great group of Boston area media makers. Despite the long weekend, we had a big crowd…

Here are all the introductions, recorded and streamed live via Qik, then archived on and cross-posted to YouTube:

This week after going around the table, we had a general discussion about a number of topics including how social media can help you get a job, keeping track of information, and creativity in media making…

The machines are digesting information

If you were at the meeting and want to share your thoughts or media, leave a comment and/or point to your thoughts and/or media. The tag for the meeting is BMM070608.

See you at our next meeting on August 3rd.

It’s always on the first Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Register at Upcoming for the August 3rd meeting: