Boston Media Makers meeting, WEDNESDAY MAY 3th, 2017, 5 – 8 PM, at Casa Verde Jamaica Plain.

We had a really fun meeting at Casa Verde in Jamaica Plain for our May meeting. Some regulars came along with some new people. It was fun spending the time mingling over beers and tacos. 

Josh Bernoff said, “Best meeting I’ve ever had in a bar.” What a great compliment.

One always enjoyed the mingling part of our Boston Media Makers meetings and that what we did. Some great connections were made.

We’ll be taking the Summer off, and meeting again on October 1st at Doyle’s. See  you then!

Best meeting I've ever had in a bar

We joined Lord Hobo Brewing Co at Casa Verde, Jamaica Plain for a tap takeover.

Major mingling all night.

No presentations.


Join us in May before we take our Summer break. After the May 3rd meeting, we’ll be off until October.

We connect people who’d benefit from knowing each other.

We’ve been meeting since JANUARY 2006 and every meeting is different. It’s exciting to arrive and find new people who are there to share their story and hear about others. This group is unlike any other because everyone gets to meet everyone else in a laid back environment.

Join us if you are creative, or interested in learning about new things. Some topics that people have recently shared include self publishing on, new ways to shoot and share video, and pointers to interesting events happening around Boston.

Here’s a brilliant video recap of a recent meeting, by Bruce K Garber combining photos, videos and snapchat content:

Patriots Sweatshirt and Free coffee

Read about our meeting in this great Jamaica Plain news article by Chris Helms.


Boston Media Makers is a monthly meet-up for media enthusiasts in the Greater Boston Area. We are social media enthusiasts, filmmakers, journalists, web geeks, technologists, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and people just wanting to learn more about making and distributing media online. Come talk shop and share current projects. We learn, get inspired, and collaborate. Hosted by Steve Garfield.

GROUP DESCRIPTION: Everyone is welcome!

This meeting started out with people who were working with audio and video on the web but over the years it has expanded to include podcasters, video bloggers, filmmakers, artists, actors, musicians, writers, programmers, news reporters, PR and social media people. We help people GET SEEN. 😉

The BEST thing about this meeting is that everyone who attends, gets to meet everyone else.

I love how it has expanded. Every month is a new experience with both returning friends and new attendees.

Steve Garfield Welcome at Boston Media Makers 03/06/11

Hosted by Steve Garfield

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